Pet Dental health goes beyond teeth at North Tollway Pet Hospital

Human and pet oral care needs are very similar! The big difference is that we brush and floss daily to prevent dental problems. Because dogs and cats do not, they are subject to the same conditions and diseases we would suffer in the absence of daily preventative care. These include tartar and plaque buildup, bad breath and gum disease with the risk of more serious consequences.

At North Tollway Pet Hospital, we care very much for your pet and take the potential health risks of anesthesia very seriously. In most cases, anesthesia is very safe and causes no harm to animals with healthy organ systems. Anesthesia, however, poses some risks when underlying disease from advanced age or other causes is present and not detected. Damage to other organ systems caused by dental disease must also be addressed. We require blood testing before anesthesia to rule out life threatening diseases that are not obvious by examining your pet.

Just as in people, surgery is always done with IV access and prescribed fluids containing electrolytes and other balanced ingredients that support hydration, blood pressure and other organ system function during the anesthesia and recovery period. The IV also adds an element of safety in the unlikely event that something should happen during anesthesia. We would have fast and easy access to a vein to administer emergency medications if needed.

The most time consuming part of the dental treatment is scaling each tooth surface. We use the most modern power and air driven equipment which is very similar to the equipment that your dentist uses on you, to provide the best results with the least amount of injury to tooth surfaces or gums. Deep gingival pockets require through cleaning and removal of infectious debris then treatment with Doxirobe. Doxirobe prevents bacteria from invading the gingival pocket and restores health to diseased gums. After the teeth are clean, each tooth is then polished with a pumice to smooth the surface.

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